Qmail Malaysia (Email Server)

Qmail Malaysia (Email Server)
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Qmail is a mail transfer agent that runs on Unix. Qmail encourages the use of several innovations in mail (some originated by Bernstein, others not), including maildir format mailboxes for storing messages (mbox files are also supported, and encouragement to migrate is given along with a tool to convert mbox mailboxes to maildir mailboxes) and the QMTP and QMQP protocols.

Features :-

  1. Basic Enterprise Linux OS Install, Disk Partitioning, RAID, Network Connection.
  2. Internet Gateway with basic firewall works with any Internet connection.
  3. Install & configure Qmail+Vpopmail Servers for SMTP/POP services.
  4. Install & configure Courier-IMAP for IMAP services.
  5. Install & configure OpenLDAP Server with user/group access control for Email accesses (AddressBook usage).
  6. Install & configure Squirrelmail for WebMail function.
  7. Install & configure DNS Named services in associated with SPF (Sender Policy Framework).
  8. Install ClamAV GPL AntiVirus for virus protection.
  9. Install Simscan with Anti-virus (w. ClamAV GPL).
  10. Install SpamAssassin for Anti-spam for incoming & outgoing mails. *Set up SPF, CHKUSER & Badmailfrom to combat Spam issues.
  11. Install Queue-Tap for daily mail archival.
  12. Set up Mondo-recrue for one time system image backup to Tape (save keeping).
  13. Set up Daily tar backup all folders cron scheduling jobs (Mail Folders accessable by IMAP).
  14. Install Webmin as the Administration tool. *Configure Webmin to manage all services.
    *Testing and user acceptance.
  15. Migrate all existing Mail functionalities to the new Server.
  16. Complete documentation on above work scope.
  17. Consultancy, Commissioning of works to ensure fully working conditions.
  18. Half day Administrative & Operation Training.

General Description :-

Qmail is nearly a completely modular system in which each major function is separated from the other major functions. It is easy to replace any part of the Qmail system with a different module as long as the new module retains the same interface as the original. Unlike its competitors (the major ones being Postfix and Exim), Qmail has not been updated by the author for several years and users have instead come to rely on third party patches to support new functionality.

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