SMEServer Samba+Squid+Qmail

SMEServer Samba+Squid+Qmail
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The SME Server is a simple, powerful, secure Linux server used by thousands of individuals, companies and organizations all over the world.

Dedicated company email address for your business ([email protected]).

Access your document and emails anywhere.

Set up your intranet instantly.

Comprehensive protection against email, internet security threats.

Easy set up and management without incurring extra IT resources.

SME Server include:-

Sharing of a single Internet connection between multiple computers.

A network firewall to protect against Internet intruders.

A robust email server, which includes virus and spam filtering and webmail.

File and print sharing.

Web application server, including support for MySQL, Perl, and PHP.

Secure remote access.

Supported languages: Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, and Italiano, with more on the way.

Complete binary compatibility with the leading Linux server distribution and much more.

Features :

  1. Per-installation advice - hardware compatibility, server features.
  2. Upgrades from Mitel 6040 Office Server Suite. *Advanced spam filtering - reject spam at the front door.
    *Complete address filtering - stop "joe-job" spam and spam "back-scatter".
    *Easily direct mail for your domains to different users.
    *Attachment blocking - reject EXE, ZIP, PIF and similar files.
    *Automated virus scanning.
    *Reject spam and viruses before they reach your internal mail server.
    *No limits on the number of groups.
    *Improved integration and filesharing for PC and Mac networks.
  3. Support for upgrades from previous releases and new deployments.
  4. Advice about compatibility of add-on packages.
  5. Analysis and prioritised resolution of reseller bug reports.
  6. Early access to workarounds, patches and pre-release packages and images.
  7. Email and web-based trouble tracker.
  8. Reseller information list.
  9. Prioritisation of features for future releases.
  10. Custom software development ( at additional cost ).

General Description :
The development of the SME Server, and provide comprehensive SME Server support through deep technical knowledge of the SME Server, and Linux. Choose, install, and maintain compatible hardware and Internet connectivity. Undertake the installation and management of your SME Server by dealing with desktop support and network configuration issues. To handle issues related to third-party software installed on the servers and be comfortable with using the Linux command line, althought experience with Linux is not required.

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